What's the difference between Reputation and Renown?

At first I tought Reputation was the same thing as Renown as many sources use Reputation value et Renown value in a similar way. But some sources clearly stated that Reputation and Renown are different value. For example in Conan The Barabarian (p.120): "the gamemaster can determine their weregeld in Gold by adding their Renown, Reputation, and normal Upkeep together. "

So, what the hell is Reputation? The core book use it as a synonym of renown, but not the other books…


Reputation is a Talent under the Society skill I believe. It has 3 ranks, and it increases your renown by 1 per rank. that is the mechanical part of Reputation.

Reputation within the book is ALSO a narrative point I believe, about the reputation that has followed your character as they gain renown. The stories about your actions, the choices you have made, and what the warriors tell themselves about you when you’re not around to defend yourself.

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