What is the Modiphius pattern for preferred spelling?

I notice that Modiphius uses the American spelling of “armor” rather than “armour” but the text tends to favor “blonde” over “blond” (specifically when referring to hair color rather than women with blond hair, which can be called “blonde”) and it mixes “gray” and “grey” with no obvious indication of which is preferred. I know most people don’t care about such things, but I like to see a consistent style followed in a product, so I’m curious to know if Modiphius has a style guide comment on preferred spellings.

Yes there are, depending on the product line. For Star Trek it’s US English as you’d expect, but for Achtung! Cthulhu, infinity, and Mutant Chronicles it is UK English. Not sure which it is for Conan though.

My guess would be Conan is Aquilonian English.


Aquilonian would clearly be French.


To follow up from Bill’s comment: As Conan was created by an American author, the style guide is for US English. However, sometimes mistakes get through, as we’ve got writers from an assortment of different places.


Not as many mistakes as it might appear as many of the non-American English spellings appear in quotes from REH’s works (e.g., apparently he wasn’t too particular about using gray vs grey).