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What Happened to the Gangrel?

So I have been gone from Vampire the Masquerade for a while, I like the Modiphius guys and am curious to see their take on the franchise. I understand they sometime in past editions left the Camarilla - where did they go? I would appreciate it if anyone in the know could clue me in on the fluff surrounding their exodus and current status. Anyone have any clue as to where I would see them in the new world?

So from digging around, it appears the Gangrel might have / going to be, going away? I have dug up rumors that White Wolf (WW) is using v5 as an excuse to “clean up” / Do over - getting rid of some of the classic blood lines and making the setting more PC - which if true (remember - unsubstantiated rumor mongering here), seems to fly in the face of pretty much everything World of Darkbess - and Vampire: The Masquerade has pretty much stood for from day one…

Please post if you have and fer realz info!

Ganrel are still part of the game as one of the fundamental seven Clans in the core rules. They could be, therefore, members of the Camarilla but more likely they would be Anarchs (which are more defined in this edition as a significant sect than previously).

All the Clans have had some degree of a makeover, but Gangrel are still essentially the same type of rugged, animalistic vampires that they always were.

THANK YOU! So it sounds like individuals rather than clans affiliate with Camarilla vs Sabbat? Interesting, I like that idea. I appreciate you taking the time to answer. Can you tell me where a good source (what book(s)) for how this change came about would be?

The main source, for me, is just the new 5th Edition Vampire core book. The transition of the metaplot can be found in more detail in Beckett’s Jyhad Diary or you can follow Matthew Dawkins’ youtube series for his videos.

It was back in VtM Revised “Guide to the Camarilla” that said the Gangrel had, as a clan, left the Camarilla.

But yes, what a clan does as a political faction, vs what a sect does, and an individual does (or a bloodline of vampires), are all different things. I am currently using the new update to the setting to introduce new minor sects, and use some stuff from Dark Ages Vampire, like the Church of Caine.

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They did do that with Vampire Revised (3rd edition), as part of the metaplot. I’ve not really cared much for following the metaplot though - and there is an attempt to reset a little with the new edition.

The seperation of Clan from Sect is a good idea, generally, though - I guess it’s something that has been gently lifted from Vampire: The Requiem.

To me, a Clan is basically the heritage of the Vampire but the Sect is the moral and philosophical affiliation of the Vampire. You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends…sort of thing.

Clan and Sect and vampire being different things and not always having to intersect is something that was in the Revised Players Guide, but that being at the tale end of things shows where the thinking was going for Requiem, and which informs me now (as I love Requiem) on how I run Masquerade to feel like people with family and politics to deal with.

What happened is way back, in the clans novel, a large Gangrel pack got decimated by what they believed was an Antedeluvian, among them in the pack was a Gangrel justicar. The Justicar Gangrel then got back to the Camarilla, and asked for support to fight the Antedeluvian, he was pretty much ignored and mocked, and he just pulled the whole clan away from the Camarilla.

Genius! Can anyone identify which book?

This material is in the Clan Novel Saga, not just one book specifically It’s threaded throughout the Clan Novels as the larger plot line. You can research it by looking up the Eye of Hazimel, and reading the outcome from there.

But short version: A neonate vampire got hold of an artifact called the Eye of Hazimel, which gave him massive powers of Chimerstry and Vicissitude; he ran rampant and fought and killed a whole bunch of Kindred, and a powerful group of Gangrel led by Xaviar (and including Ramona, the signature NPC) fought him and got their ■■■■■ kicked. Xaviar believed that this was evidence of the Antediluvians and that it might BE one, and took that to the Camarilla, and laughed. He abdicated his Justicar seat and ‘took the Gangrel out of the Camarilla with him’. Basically most Gangrel declared independence, but there are/were still Gangrel in the Camarilla as a whole.