What do you do with what you know, what you don’t know, and what you can do?

What do you do with the things characters know, do, and don’t know?

I couldn’t find many clear examples in the book. It’s possible I haven’t gotten there yet. I focused on characters creation and the basic rules to learn how the game works differently from Conan and Star Trek. Now I’m trying to figure out how to use these aspects in gameplay as a GM.

Hullo, Werlynn,

To be honest, I hadn’t thought about this too much when I started with the game. This is more of a roleplaying element for character creation that gives the player a decent idea of what they know, don’t know and can do, rather than a game mechanic aspect.

That said, if I was using it in terms of game mechanics, I would probably raise or lower the Difficulty of a task based on this knowledge and ability set. One level up or down, maybe two for very specific type of knowledge, but no more.


I keep it simple. If a player says "can I do this’ or “do I know about” then those are the guidelines I use.

With no skills for guidance then those brief writeups fill in. Can the Human Explorer suss out the political ramifications of their actions? No. Can they ride a thoat? Probably…make a roll.

I actually find this system very easy because it’s open to interpretation.


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That last point is the key. I love the fact that the system is pretty open to interpretation. And if players can justify stuff they want their characters to do, I’m all for it! :slight_smile:




I use those usually as automagickall successes in rolls. The PC just knows/can do the task.