Wandering mode?

I saw a Modiphius facebook post mention that they’d revealed they were working on something called Wandering Mode at a recent convention. The name seems fairly self explanatory, but as someone who doesn’t really have the chance to go to these conventions, I was wondering if anyone had any more info on it?

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You have my attention…

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This was the quote from their facebook page:

“Wandering Mode which was announced at Spiel18 will have more info on how to use your monsters and foes in the Wasteland! Please stand by for further news”

If it’s what I’m thinking it is, then it was something I was planning on attempting to homebrew anyway, so it’ll be awesome to have a proper ruleset for it. If no one knows any more about it on here though then I guess we’ll have to wait for more news from Modiphius :slight_smile:

From what I remember it’s basically utilizing the whole of your card collection to give you a sort of random adventure on the fly. Just like if you were to roam the map in Fallout without a specific quest in mind.
Chris said it’ll be released soon-ish and that it will be free to download from their website.


Thanks for the info. I like the idea of having some randomness in my games. It keeps things from getting stale.

The Random Events that I’ve been working for my personal campaign option, will have events based on where the character/player is on a large map, with two events per day; After each event, food & water is needed.

Based on FO1&2 World-map travel, if a random event occurs, the player would have a chance to avoid it (or not), based on SPECIAL; and Luck would dictate the special random events…

Having Explorer Perk, or other details like Survivalist, Ranger, Pathfinder, or high “Outdoorsman” skill, etc, will help improve the opportunity in an event. (Assuming each or any of these can/are implemented).

The Random Event tables will include:

  1. Setting - this is the environment and elements within it
  2. Actors - the things, living or not, and reactions be based on character Luck & Charisma (not everything will be hostile at the start, NOR actually living - may happen to be a ravaged caravan, etc)
  3. Special events - always rolled-on and can be nothing, to something significant, based on an additional table - largely affected by Luck.

When a Random Event is rolled, all of these will always be generated… With sufficient SPECIAL, Perks, and Skills, the player may have an option to avoid or accept it, and may learn more based on the severity of the roll (and skill / Luck-check); Or they may be out-right ‘ambushed’ and be forced into the encounter.
The setting can be a shack, freeway over-pass, cave, town, barren, etc - lots of options. Search-ables and Investigation items may be pre-loaded or randomly rolled.
Actors will range from nothing (unless it’s something like a clue / something to be spotted WITHOUT using an investigation marker and require that Perception is high enough) to a whole lotta somethings/investigation markers.
Special Events include all of the things we’ve seen throughout various Fallout titles, and more!

Still a work-in-progress…


Sounds like an interesting idea. The random encounters are some of my favorite things about Fallout. You could even include starting location on the map as the result of a roll and/or stat. Did you sneak into a place with cover and time to prepare? Or did you round the corner straight into a pack of raiders?

Coming from a player that has gone out of his way to approach areas from good sniping angles.

When you get that all worked out, you may want to consider submitting it to Modiphia.