Unwieldy weapons


I read that Unwieldy weapons, such as the pike, need a Brace action to be used efficiently. The description, page 115, states “for future attacks”. However, the weapon remains braced “until it is moved”. Therefore, which actions do remove the braced quality? Can a character move with a pike (or a squad of pikemen for that matter)? Is it only removed when the character wants to hold something else in their hands / is disarmed?

Thanks in advance!

My take on this weapon quality (I think only the pike is having it…):

  • If you move with braced weapon you un-brace it as you move the weapon as well… Therefore you have to set it up again as standard action after your move is finished.
  • If you are disarmed/knocked/do something else you also drop the brace.

This is the whole wording that I take literally here:

When a character performs the Brace action, these > penalties are removed from future attacks made with the braced weapon. Once a character performs the Brace action, the weapon remains Braced until it is moved. If the character moves the weapon, then the benefits of being Braced are removed.

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Thanks for your answer! Looking forward to playing with those mechanics!