Travel Times : core 140

The book states a character on foot can travel 30 miles a day. Is this an error?

I hiked Stages 4-5 of the Camino de Santiago from Leon to Santiago, traveling 12-18 miles a day. Traveling 18 miles a day practically killed me, and I never did that much sequentially.

Is it possible to hike 30 miles in one day?

Forbidden Lands rpg uses hex-mapping and travel rules allow for a Forced March of about 18 over Rough Terrain up to 30 miles in open terrain.

Traveling in the Pictish Wilderness, with all its underbrush, would definitely be rough terrain. What about the Westermarq or the Bossonian Marches?


I did this hike a few years ago. Not 18 miles by any stretch. :wink: By the time I was done my knees were shot and I really didn’t recover for 2 days afterward. 30 miles on flat ground, maybe . . . I doubt I could do it but maybe . . .

Upon further reflection, it is obvious that SOME people can do this and much more these days. Rogan has had a number of guests on who have accomplished astonishing feats of endurance.
But I doubt I could do it. :wink:

Roman legions could theoretically do 30 miles a day on a forced march.
That was along paved roads though, rough terrain you would be lucky to do a third of that at best.
Legionnaires were fit and well trained as well. (Unlike myself, my long distance running days are well over)

In Hyboria with the more mythical levels of ability it might be possible. Depends on how far you want to stretch reality.

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are you talking about vastness of the continent, b/c in a REH story called Wolves Beyond the Border it is specifically stated that only 9 miles separate Fort Tuscelon and Velitrium; also, the Pictish Wilderness encompasses an area of about 200 miles.

I would assume in Conan RPG the travel time is “at the speed of the plot”, as it is a narratively oriented game with very abstract units of time and space (rounds and zones are very vague and depend on the need of the story). So travel time might be just what the adventure needs. Conan 2d20 is not good at simulating things in detail. It is much more coarse-grained than the old Conan d20 game for example.


Well, I am planning a Pictish Wilderness hexcrawl-lite campaign with Adventure Sites-of-sorts and an Environmental story occurring on an unseen hexmap while the players portray Westermarq Rangers and fight the Picts. I don’t know if it will work, but i want to try it.

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i am trying to find out what the speed of plot while moving over large areas is based on the rules of movement clearly stated on pg. 140.

Can the party track and catch up to the Pict war band before they sack the lone farm? spending a fortune point would auto get you there on time, but per the travel rules, would it be logical? That’s what I’m trying to deduce.

In that case I’d say the Fortune point could also mean that the Picts were delayed somehow so that the PCs get there on time automatically. Speed of plot still works and you don’t have to worry about the details.

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I was in the light infantry for 10 years in the 90’s. We used to train regularly to do forced marches of 12 miles in under three hours with 50+ pounds of gear. The longest single day march we did was 35 miles but I can’t remember what the load was. I only remember that it wasn’t forced like the 12 mile marches were and it didn’t suck near as much.

So, I would think 30 miles a day would be achievable especially considering they are probably a bit tougher than us civilized weakling.

In competitions where we marched 12 miles individually with the standard 50lb load, there were times below 2hrs. I’m sure Conan could have gotten a 1hr 30min time with ease.