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The Prince's Courtesan

Greetings, Heroes and Doom Masters.

Please enjoy my second offering to this forum. The Prince’s Courtesan is a fairly short scenario that starts in the Turanian city Sultanapur and takes the Player Characters on a journey into Shem. From frantic chases through chaotic city streets to perilous negotiations with powerful Turanian nobility, rugged desert adventure and final confrontations with dastardly bounty hunters and a seductive sorceress, please consider this brief romp. It spans a mere 15 pages, including custom statistics for three NPCs and a table of random wilderness encounters.

The Prince’s Courtesan.pdf (437.3 KB)

Reviews are welcome! Go with Crom!
And if he does not listen, then to Hell with him!


Thanks for sharing !

Wow, I really enjoyed reading this adventure! You did a masterful job of providing options no matter what the pc’s decide to do! Also, excellent job with your descriptive text. The only question I have - will you be writing more? Well done!

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Great job and many thanks for sharing !


I’m glad to hear you like it! I’ve posted 1 more already, City of Shifting Sands, on this forum. I am certainly planning to write more.

Thank you so much for the encouragement. I hope I get to hear about how it goes for your players someday.

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PJ - if we play it, I will post how it goes! We should be finishing the current “episode” either tomorrow or next week. Depending on How the story goes, I will try yo work this scenario in next!

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Please do! Great work!

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We will be running this tonight with brand new characters so I am very excited to try give it a run! I will let you know how it goes!