Talent: Precise Targeting

We have a player that has the Precise Targeting talent. Since we are playing on Roll20, we don’t have a hitlocation die, and thus cannot select an “adjacent die face”. Now, we just play it so that he can select an adjacent hitlocation per Momentum, but that brings it more than often to the head. This has proven to be too powerful. I would like some suggestions on how to tweak this talent.

A called shot allows them to move to an adjacent face of the die, e.g from leg to body, body to head. If I recall (the dice is at home!), that’d get them to a Head shot anyway. it’s still a Momentum cost.
The talent is at the top of it’s tree, so it’s expensive in XP. It also means they can shoot to wound (e.g. in the leg) or the switch on the console (so not just body locations)…
If it is too powerful against Nemesis NPCs, use a DSP to shift the location e.g. “Damn, Winged 'im in the arm!” or a trooper NPC gets in the way of the shot.