Tablesmith Storyhook Generator

I codified the Storyhook generator table from page 222 of the core book into source usable with Tablesmith.

File 1, save as “”, with the following contents:

[~make storyhook]

:make storyhook
1,[~DATI_Storyhooks.plots] the [~DATI_Storyhooks.goals] in the [~DATI_Storyhooks.locations] and defeat the [~DATI_Storyhooks.hazards] for [~DATI_Storyhooks.characters].

File 2, stored as “” with the following contents:

1-4,Break in and steal or kidnap
5-8,Solve the mystery of
9-12,Investigate the murder or destruction of
13-16,Cause the murder or destruction of
17-20,Rescue or recover

1-4,secret data
5-8,House Minor heir
9-12, artifact
13-16,illegal technology
17-20,secret spice stores

5-8,manor house
13-16,smuggler’s base

1-4,Sardaukar soldiers
5-8,security systems
13-16,Spacing Guild

1-4,Bashira, the head of a House Minor’s security
5-8,Kaunos, the merchant
9-12,Anca, the Fremen stillsuit seller
13-16,Hegai, the smuggler
17-20,Akira, the ornithopter pilot

To install:
Save the two text files named as above, with text contents as listed above in your Tablesmith tables directory.

To use:

select Make_Storyhooks, press Roll, and Tablesmith will generate randomized Dune storyhooks. For example,

Storyhook: Solve the mystery of the illegal technology in the smuggler’s base and defeat the security systems for Akira, the ornithopter pilot.

Happy to answer questions. Keep on Tablesmithing!


Having the GM Toolkit’s story generators on Adventuresmith app would be really great also!

Don’t know if it’s still being suported, though.

Thanks for flagging Adventuresmith. Pity the authors don’t offer it for iOS. Although it is available for Linux CLI.

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