Supporting character weapon damage seems irrelevant

Remember that you don’t have to roll for D0 Tasks. So this means such a security member usually automatically hits with any ranged attack. This seems incredibly powerful.

Great point.

  1. Options for secondary characters also include running them concurrently with PC controlled characters ( having the PCs control two characters in effect ) in order to flesh out needed roles during a scene. In this case the limitation of using non controlled characters directly only for Difficulty 0 tasks would not apply.

  2. For my trait at level 2; I’m still going to require the usual ranged attack difficulty level of 2. The addition of the personal trait Starfleet combat training (2) exists for the purpose of allowing the non controlled character to be able to execute the task directly instead of just using “assist.” This is a compromise between using 2 characters for each player and only using the secondary non controlled character for assist actions where their weapons and equipment would not factor into the story as desired.

it’s also worth noting that security teams are NOT secondary characters. CRB p. 185

Technically, they’re equipment. 1 momentum and 1 threat per team.

But the GM can always allow security teams to fire as NPCs. The team should fire as a single unit…

Note also, a 5 man team of SCCs can pull off pretty hot shooting: two assist, two provide D-1 each as traits, and the last fires.

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Thank you! I’ll certainly look into that option.

In my case , the PCs wanted to bring the security team as CREW SUPPORT for this Mission ( story / scenario / adventure module ) as the security team will become ongoing named supporting characters ( if they don’t suffer from the unfortunate “Red Shirt” syndrome ( now Gold Shirt / security division ) :slight_smile:

“Red Shirt Syndrome” isn’t valid based upon TOS footage.