Some ?s for GMs

  1. How long does the average 4-player combat take?
  2. What are the Conan 2d20’s Core Engagements/Constraints?

When I first started off one combat could take an hour or more with three times the number of minions as characters. I had 4 players in my group.

We didn’t know the rules as well and now I am more likely to group the minions against the players as I am pretty sure it will create a tense moment and not completely murder them. Less rolls so cuts down the time considerably. Also this let’s the players act more often.

let me clarify a bit. I use a modified roll20 char sheet with tokens and battle-maps; i do not do totm. Doing it that way, how long does it take for a 4-player combat from other gms?

Does any gm run 2+ hour combats, or do you handwave some things? Or what?

Well, it entirely depends on the type of encounter and session you are planning. I have had combats that were resolved in 15-20 savage minutes on the streets of Zamora and Messantia and ship combats with abordage actions and maneuvers that took around 1-2 hours, because were split into scenes, each with different kind of challenges and type of rolls to keep things spicy. It was major event.

My experience with running games in Roll20 is that everything takes longer compared to Fantasy Grounds, due to the lack of automation and quality of life improvement that FG has. Also games run faster in FG compared to Roll20 purely from technical perspective both on GM and Player’s side.

So really - depends on your plans, preparation, proficiency i the system and how long it takes for your players to finish a turn.

Your second question needs some clarification, it is too vague, not sure what answer you are looking for.


thanks for that.

the second question is not vague, but specific, insomuch as a person who doesn’t know what a core engagement is cannot answer the question.

Sorry, I don’t understand this core engagement in the context of the game and the rules. Outside of gym-related discussion I can interpret core engagement in few ways.

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I guess you have better do some more clarification then! No one seems eager to answer this!! :wink:

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