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SHD_Umbra's progress thread - Miniatures and Scenery

Beautiful work on the glowing eyes and face skull tattoo!

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Yeah I’m loving that face art! I haven’t tried doing anything like that yet with mine. Might have to go back and touch a few up after seeing this.

Keep it up!

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Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Last night I had a game of FWW with my wife, and then we sat down and painted some minis. She’s working on the deathclaw from the starter set, so I finally got around to finishing the Survivors from it.

I’ve also started on the T51 and Vault Dweller sets, so I’m hoping to have those done soon too.


They all look great, I’m going to join in with the love for tthe protectron and face paint/tattoos too :slight_smile:

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Really nice. Can I ask what type to f white paint you use to get it to look so bright. Is the tattoo a paint trick?

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It’s Citadel Ceramite White. It takes a couple of coats but it’s very good quality.

Latest progress this week is a few random minis…

I finally started on the NCR Ranger - he’s no where near finished, but I’m so happy with his coat. :slight_smile:


Here are some slightly better shots of the T51 suits, and a not so great look at my attempt at Avery.

I’ll try to get some better shots in daylight. :slight_smile:


Nice! Love the Nate and Nora conversions :slight_smile:

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You’re really cranking out these minis! They look great and I think you’ve done a nice job capturing the dirty/dusty feeling of the wasteland. Thanks for the tip, Lead Adventure as well. I’ll see if I can’t track it down :slight_smile: I look forward to seeing your custom bot painted up!

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Beautifully subtle but effective conversions :slight_smile:

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Ranger look great to me, dusty duster is fantastic! Nora with a flame thrower (apparently the actual name for this weapon is a no no word…) is really great too :smile:

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Cheers everyone. :slight_smile:

I’m really pleased with how the Courier turned out. :slight_smile:

Tonight I finished the Vault Dweller set, so took my Survivors outside for a sunlight photo session.


Lovely scenic shots of them!

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With Modiphius recently having a 50% off offer on the resin starter set upgrade, I finally got around to picking them up, and I’m so glad I did, the quality is amazing. I’m planning on using them as conversion fodder, to differentiate them from the PVC versions I’ve already painted.

So I decided to make my resin Goddard into a female version of the character for my wife to use in co-op games, as she’s a big Brotherhood of Steel fan. Seeing as Goddard’s default gear is a baseball bat, and I didn’t have any spare in my bits box, I figured a police Enforcer battering ram would make a suitable ‘counts as’.

To show Goddard as our settlement’s ‘pack mule’ I added some backpacks to her armour, as well as a folding axe to her leg, and an SMG with scope, laser pointer, and dual mag to show that the Brotherhood get all the cool toys.

Her amour will be painted up like it’s been scavenged from multiple suits to get a single functional set of T60. Because Goddard is an Aspirant and shouldn’t have power armour anyway, I’m using the backstory that she’s the only survivor from her patrol group and had to scavenge the armour to survive.

I’m going to add longer hair to the head using green stuff, as well as a few extra details like her squad’s dog tags around her neck and wrist, some straps to the backpacks, and a mag clamp to the dual mags.

The head is a Hasslefree part, the metal backpack is Euphoria, and the rest of the spares are Anvil Industry.


Using the resin starter sets for conversions sounds like a great idea, looking forward to what you come up with! :slight_smile:

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Thanks pal! The conversions are done, I just need to work on the green stuff to blend them in, add details, etc.

In the mean time, I turned my second Sentry Bot into a Raider version inspired by Ahab from Automatron.


Both awesome conversions, can’t wait to see more. Really love how much of a story the Goddard-ette tells just from the changes!

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As others have mentioned, these are great looking conversions and I’m excited to see what they look like once you’ve had a chance to paint them up!

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To break up the task of painting so many miniatures, I’ve been building terrain instead. So far I’ve got a couple of bits of scatter terrain finished with a bunch more primed and ready for painting.

These are mostly complete, I just need to detail the bases. :slight_smile:
They’re made out of junk, kids toys and random detail parts from my bits box.


A great way to repurpose things! :slight_smile: