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i am prepping for a oneshot tonight, and cannot, for all my searching, find comparable Female versions of the Explorer, Missionary Scout and Trader archetypes anywhere online for use as token images. Can anyone give any sugesstion queries i may have missed?


What do you mean? You want female pregens?

token images

Why dont you try to search 4 similar illos?

I do Google image search, narrow down by keywords, download, convert to png files (via Paint), and then drop them into the tokens folder…

You can even do multiples, zip them all into a folder, and then rename the zipped folder extension as .mod (instead of .zip, .rar, or such) and viola! instant .mod file…

There’s a freeware file called PNGGauntlet that reduces file size for png files. I definitively recommend using it (token files are big typically and can slow down your VTT game).

yesh, i know how to make tokens once i find images, it’s just that i cannot find comparable imgs for the trader, explorer, scout and missionary archetypes that are in the Scout book for female players/chars. The Bard img is great.
By posting here, I am also pointing it out to Modiphius and hopefully, next time they do art, will incorporate a male and female version of an archetype.


what keywords would you use for my query?
do you use “dnd” or “historical” or what? I hate using “dnd” as a keyword b/c i am not looking for D&D, i’m looking for pulpy sword and sorcery, which is a good keyword.

i mean, using a bikini-clad female as an explorer or trader doesn’t do it for me.

“fantasy” and “art” plus the actual choices gets you in the realm of what we usually need… Maybe vary it up, e.g. instead of “ranger” or “explorer” do “hunter”… so terms: fantasy art female hunter - may come up with the image of the explorer you’re looking for… Also, if you have a pdf or other document copy of a piece of art, you can always use the snippet tool to capture it…

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Also, for gritty / grimdark S&S style images, use the word “savage” or “primitive” sometimes…

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Plus “Skyrim” has a lot of imagery that we can use for Conan style games so stick that in as well… “Warhammer” can be the same way…

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Warhammer, (gasp!) Pathfinder… maybe Runequest FATE, or something from Osprey.

Ooh, yeah, Osprey… Pathfinder want have a lot (mostly high fantasy) but there’s a few…