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Rules question regarding Ghouls and Disciplines

So I’m about to start running my first 5e game and an interesting question has been posed to me. One of my players has made a Ministry Vampire with Presence as her highest discipline and Eyes of the Serpent as her level 1 power. She has a Ghoul Retainer and by the rules it would get Presence 1 (as it is her highest discipline) and her level 1 power.

The question that I have this is: Seeing as the actual Vampire would need to know Protean in order to gain and use Eyes of the Serpent would the Ghoul need that as well or would he just get it from his Domitor?


The Coolness Factor oughta colour all V5 rulings.



As Eyes of the Serpent is an amalgam power, I personally would rule it off the table for a ghoul. Instead, giving them Awe or Daunt.

That being said, if there is a good reason for the ghoul to actually have said power (actively working for the church maybe) then by all means, give it to them! The story should always come first, and rules are made to be bent. LOL


Rules as written in V5 I believe ghouls simply inherit whatever a Kindred has as the Lvl 1 power of their strongest discipline, in this case Eyes of the Serpent.

Now whether you give the Ghoul Eyes of the Serpent, is going to come down to what you give primacy; the rule that a ghoul inherits the Lvl 1 power of their domitor’s highest discipline (with no mention of amalgam exclusivity) or the rules for amalgams that state you need both disciplines to unlock specific powers.

Personally I’d lean towards the former overcoming the latter. Firstly, rule of cool alone inclines me to love this as an ST. The idea of a Settite walking in with their retinue of ghouls and paralysing the whole room is just too cool. Furthermore, the amalgam rules state clearly the ‘vampire’ must have both disciplines, no mention of ghouls. We can assume that as the vitae the ghouls consume contains the potential of both disciplines, that this potential is enough to unlock the amalgam power for them.


By RAW, the ghoul wouldn’t care about needing the Protean to make the Amalgam work. The Blood of their domitor carries the power and imposes it on them.