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REH's Americas..?

Anyone got any thoughts on how REH might have presented the ‘New World’ if he’d ever written stories set in it during the Hyboream Age (by which I mean at the time of)? Of come across any fiction that resembles that?
For example, I found this, which is a pretty cool tale set in some kind of Mayanesqe world.Kamazotz

I wouldn’t mind creating a campaign in such a world…

As far as I know these stories are no Conan tales but take place in medieval times.

No Howard scholar here, but I have to think either “Beyond the Black River” and “Red Nails” fit your description.

Picts sacking Fort Tuscelan would fit in any American Western and the names and cultural trappings of the inhabitants of Xuchotl are pretty clearly Mesoamerican.

But these are still on the Hyborian continent. REH never described the state of the ‘New World’ during both the Thurian and the Hyborian ages.

L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter took a stab (pun intended) at a story set in the “New World” during the Hyborian Age:

It’s been decades since I read this novel so I can’t speak to its quality. It’s not REH, of course, so there’s that too. Judging by the names in the Wikipedia synopsis, it seems to have a Meso-American vibe. If you’re looking for something more in tune with native North American cultures, it may not prove very inspirational.

Last year I read a novel set in the “early” Americas. It is a bit of an alternate history in which Middle Ages Northern Europeans have colonized the Americas. It was quite good. Reminded me of Conan. Then I realized that Roberts has written a number of (fairly well regarded) Conan pastiches.

Thanks for the feedback! King of the Wood looks like aplace to start. I heartliy recommend reading Kamazotz, by the way, Written by a medieval martial arts researcher/teacher, I believe.

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Winter of the Worlds series, by Michael Scott Rohan. Time wise could be said as spot on - some time around a earth ice age. Refugees fleeing a European based culture. Even an rpg you can get on DriveThruRPG. Not really S&S.

Wolves Beyond the Border is a story that uses Gault Hagar’s son to tell a tale when Conan is king about the goings-on in the Westermarck.
it is very descriptive if you plan on being a gm.

for instance, Fort Kwanyara is only a rough hewn blockhouse, whereas according to a d20 book, it is a full-on fort with many stationed there and farms. Conan the Scout keeps it very close to REH’s description.

The OP, I think, was looking specifically for material for use in the “New World,” or the actual landmass that would become the Americas, but I think this remains a useful observation for this topic.

The article I link is in this line of inquiry. I am ashamed that I haven’t read it yet, but it could be of interest here.

For Americana Conan, I also think of James Fenimore Cooper’s Leatherstocking Tales. I read them all a few years ago, I really enjoyed them, and I can see their influence on REH’s work, particularly on “Beyond the Black River.”

I would just totally rip off…(not the time setting, just the magic/tech and the gods of the Inca’s etc)


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