Psycho Question

So the psycho with the two pigtails is talking to me. Its wants ro be Harley Quinn. Hiw wrong would it be to paint the outfit in red and black harliquin patterns and the pigtails, one pink and one blue?


I saw that done and it looked great. The person who did it also took the raider holding the rifle, mohawk, and has his hand on his belt and painted him up to be the joker to go with her.

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing something similar, but I’m not sure how exactly I want to do it yet.

PS: They traded out the tire iron for a sledge hammer.

I think the weapons sprue has a hammer. I’m all over that.

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Yep, it does! I’ve heard a couple of people suggest that the handle be traded out for something a little more solid though. Just something to keep in mind. Saw one person who traded the handle out for a little metal rod painted up to look like wood, gives it a lot more strength that way.

Thinking about it, I think I have bits to make a maul like she uses.

If I try something similar, I was thinking a thumbtack would work well for the head. It would help give the ridiculous size and you could still use the sledge (Or even super sledge) rules for it. Snipping the point could be a pain in the neck though.

She also uses a bat.

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This is very true. But I always found the oversized mallet to be more comical.

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