Pliocene Exile/Galactic Milieu - How to do it with 2d20?

Obviously this would be for personal use, not the World Builder program since it’s an IP that I don’t have any rights to. That said, for anyone who’s read the books, any thoughts on how to adapt it to 2d20?

I’m thinking of using the five metapsychic disciplines as the Skills (the stats rated from 0-5, maybe with the possibility of making the range higher to accomodate Grandmaster-level characters) - Psychokinesis, Farsensing, Coercion, Redaction, Metacreativity.

But I’m at a loss for what to use for Attributes. The easy thing is just to take the set from the SRD, but that’s kind of boring, and I’d rather have Attributes that evoke the books more. The Pliocene Exile series has plenty of combat - psychic combat, melee, and also high-tech weapons, and nearly everyone has at least some minimal level of metapsychic ability.

I’d think that most basic metapsychic actions could be handled with just a Skill Test - using Psychokinesis to throw a heavy object at an enemy; using Farsensing to search for someone, etc. But you could have Talents to reflect the more unique or powerful uses of ability - flying using psychokinesis (noted in the books as rare/very difficult), combining disciplines to produce unique effects (the use of coercion+redaction to mind-ream someone as we see in the books), or the really weird/rare stuff like teleportation, etc.

Traits could be used to allow or deny access to the metapsychic abilities (you could have the trait of Latent, Operant, or Gold or Silver Torc etc).

Anyone have any thoughts to help flesh this out?


I don’t know the books at all but, my 2 cents on attribute use:
Farsensing or extra senses skills go under Insight
Any skills that need great effort and have an effect on physical world like psykokinesis Fitness
A way of controlling someone with speech like Coercion Control
enhanced reactions or combat skills Daring
Redaction seems under Reason

I will use talents tree like in Conan with prerequisites, with minimum attributes also
Mutant Chronicles is a good 2d20 game to start with, it has psych and cyber

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