PDF naming convention

I have realized that there’s no naming convention for the PDFs. It’s hard to sort them by name on computer. Sure you can rename them but you have to do it on every update, it’s boring.
Some examples on the briefs sorted by name:

  • MUH052212 STA BRIEFS Spacewrecks v1.0 the 8th with no number
  • MUH052213 STA BRIEFS TOS Mysteries v1.0 the 9th with no number but with the era
  • STA Mission Briefs 001 Growing Pains PF v1.1 the first one, printer friendly, with no era indicated (it’s at the start of federation)
  • STA Mission Briefs 001 Growing Pains v1.1 the non PF version (PF is a good indicator).
    003-007 on the same model of 01 it’s my personal favorite. Even if there’s hints to adapt to other era, there’s no indication of the base era.
  • STA MUH052202 BRIEFS 002 DISASTERS PF v1.1 the 002 with STA before reference in capital letters

I really would like to have a naming convention. Which one is open to debate.

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I’ve also noticed this, and some books use STA and some have the full Star Trek Adventures. I guess I don’t keep track of updates as often, because renaming after an update happens very rarely for me.

I would prefer the product # MUH… not be in the filename. That’s not a useful way for me to track what product I have, and I’m not sure when I would need it.

We’re wildly inconsistent, I know. On the to do list someday. In the meantime, everyone should be able to change their file name to whatever they want it to be.


On a slightly related topic, I feel like I’ve missed some adventure PDFs.
The adventure collection only seemed to be numbered in their names from 16 onward so I tried to double check and see if I missed one somewhere but if the Kobayashi Maru does count towards the highest number of 20 adventure pdfs then I can’t find 1 of them, would be #15. I would like to have all of them at some point but only got a few of them so far.
(To be clear, I’m happy they’re numbered, makes it easier to check if I’m missing one.)

Assuming I have the number order right (based around release order of the store old to new):
1 - TNG - Ends and Means
2 - TOS - Remnants
3 - TNG - Call Back Yesterday
4 - TNG - Nest in the Dark
5 - TOS - A Forest Apart
6 - TOS - Hard Rock Catastrophe
7 - TOS - Kobayashi Maru
8 - TNG - The Graviy of the Crime
9 - TNG - Trouble on Omned III
10 - TNG - Stolen Liberty
11 - TNG - The Prize
12 - TNG - Back to Reality
13 - TNG - Another Roll of the Dice
14 - TOS - The Burning
The numbered ones:
16 - TNG - Unforseen Consenquences
17 - Klingon - Upsetting the Balance
18 - TNG - Storms of Kiselia 7
19 - TNG - Native Soil
20 - TNG - Better Days


The one you’re missing is “The Sleeping Beast,” a Klingon standalone adventure currently only available in the Klingon Gamemaster Toolkit (print and digital).


Thank you!

That’s an essential feature that Modiphius should implement in their shop system or ask the software company to implement it for them: “You have bought XY already but Z is totally new! Interested?”. I always have to double check if I already have bought all the PDF’s.