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[OOC] Scenes from the Human Sphere

Oh, all gear comes with a restriction rating that determines how hard they are to acquire. Would be easier to go off that in my opinion.

For example breaker ammo has a restriction of 3. So the lifestyle or theivery (which isn’t really stealing but using blackmarket sellers) test would be D3.

Rock on!

Is that in the gear section? Or, one of the sourcebooks?

Restriction rule is in the gear section. All gear across all the books comes with a restriction rating of some kind (ranging from none to 5).

Let’s see how getting those Breaker reloads go.

Going to spend 1 Momentum from an extra d20.

Lifestyle D3 (TN12, FOC0): 17, 5, 16
1 Success and definitely not getting those reloads.
Can re-roll one of those failures but it won’t matter.

So I’m rolling for the sniper rifle (I’m assuming that we’re just rolling for the most difficult to obtain item).

Lifestyle D3 (TN9 FOC0): 6, 8
Two sucesses, not bad, but that won’t do it anyway

By the way, am I the only one who thinks that the 2d20 engine’s way of simplifying finding and acquiring items is much more complex than just using money? Cashflow, earnings, restriction, tariffs, shortfalls…

I think this quartermaster just likes to say “no” to people.

The item acquisition is overly complicated i agree, but I tend to gloss over such things unless it is key in any game I run.

Mutant Chronicles is a bit simpler, but still my players usually exchange Assets for Equipment and that’s it. Much less trouble.

IC post is up changing the scene to Sambor Duk. It’s pretty spare but we can fill in setting detail as we go along. If you want more detail, just ask me here and I can update the IC thread or relay detail here.

Also, will look to update the Meta thread with NPCs and named places/organizations so you won’t have to flip back-and-forth through threads and posts.

Once I actually had a group go through gear acquiation it became simpler then how it read (much like the base rules).

Cashflow: Cash on hand.
Assets: Basically momentum for purchases
Earnings: Armor (reduces cost of an item)
Restriction: Difficulty rating for acquiring said item
Tariffs: An extra charge for rolling an effect on combat dice
Shortfalls: Wounds

Acquistion uses the same base concepts that the 3 combat systems use.

Yeah, everything in 2d20 works better in practice than in the rulebooks. Still, I would rather have regular acquisition rules than something similar to combat. There’s logic to that, but I doesn’t appear to make it simpler or quicker.

For me its pretty easy to grasp and my players haven’t found it to bog down all that much. I don’t find it all that different from other gear ■■■■ games like Shadowrun or Eclipse Phase.

Anyways, in Sambor Duk did we not get our equipment? We won’t need to use a rental car if we have our wheels in the form of an IS Hound Interceptor :stuck_out_tongue:

Additionally, Momentum should be 1 and Heat at 14 (I used 1 Momentum for a roll and Count rolled a complication).

Apologies - yes, all equipment is transported with you both from chargen and requested (besides those for which you unsuccessfully rolled).

Also, happy to retcon in the IS Hound Interceptor. I was thinking a driver would be helpful but I forget that this is the future, with the potential of autonomous vehicles and mapping software . . . so, uh, yeah, you will absolutely have that at your disposal! As an aside, I will admit that technobabble is harder than I thought! It is becoming clear to me that I need to hone my sci-fi chops (and, I appreciate you letting me learn on the job as it were).

Thanks for the correction on M/H counts. Will update.

Heh, it’s all good!

Yeah, autonomous vehicles are a common sight around the Human Sphere. Just standard navigation and control so nothing super special. If you want special you’d need an LAI or mods for geists to slot in as a driver. However, manual control is still around because there are time one needs to to take the wheel or the autonomous systems can’t handle an area or condition.

Apologies, guys - I’m away for Memorial Day and will likely post little until back in the saddle on Tuesday or Wednesday.

You are probably waiting on some setting information regarding who the local Coroner and/or office is located. I’ll get that up in my next IC post. In the meantime, hope you all have a good (and, healthy!) start to your Summer!

Also, just occurred to me that if you have free time and want to get some PbP gaming in, feel free to craft a bit of setting detail yourselves and/or set-up some skill tests/challenges, etc. to build some Momentum. No worries on my end.

I know we had discussed possibly co-oping this anyway and, of course, I just took off with the plot. But, if you’ve got something in mind, drop it the IC thread.

No Problem. One of the advantages of PbP games is that they can cope with delays in people being able to post fairly well.

Guys, I really hate this (for more than one reason) but we returned home last night to a water leak in the house. Has impacted the kitchen floors and three rooms in our basement. We have been non-stop dealing with it since about 3PM yesterday.

Needless to say, this has somewhat dampened my enthusiasm (not to mention severely curtailed my time to this point) for running the PbP. I’ll spare you the details but suffice to say, I’ll likely be out of commission for the next week or two until we can determine where we are between damage remediation and restoration.

As I said, I hate it for a number of reasons.

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No problem. We can wait until you are ready if it is only going to be a couple of weeks or I could pick up and try to keep things running if this throws a spanner in your GM brain.

Trust me I’ve been there before. Literally in the case of water leaks. Kitchen and living room a few months back… :sob:

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Slight joy of it being a co-op easy enough for another GM to jump in and take over for the time being.

If we also need extra players to slot in as well there have been at least two others that have voiced interest in playing (one of them I know).

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I can post a précis of what I had planned if you want. Can place under spoilers since there is no direct messaging on the forum.

Or, I could put it under Google docs if I could figure out how to share. Will look into it tomorrow.