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@Modiphius-Jim are there any news about Minis for G&S Shield of Tomorrow Crew?


Why would they? It’s ended and very very niche selection of purchases.
Personally prefer they focus on every other option for miniatures first.

Why would it be very niche? Only because the miniatures are called “Lieutenant Commander T’Lan” or “Commander Junil Rue”, nobody is hindered to use them for any other character, be it player character or non-player character, in their game. For all buyers, it’s about miniatures of Starfleet Officers. Only for those who are fans of Shield of Tomorrow (or at least know the show) it would be a bit more special. Thus, I would say that the niche is even bigger than the niche of buyers for TOS/TNG crew miniatures.

Then I wish for a document giving me hints on what STA-related products (indices, generators) I can publish without you being angry at me. :slight_smile:

Hi Lucas, I’m afraid there’s been no progress, due to licensing reasons.

This was mentioned in Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook. A PDF supplement for “Quadrant Powers” dealing with more info on the main powers for the Alpha and Beta Quadrant. Possibly more playable species for the 2 quadrants, starships, more detail on some species that may have been cut.

This PDF supplement could cover everything that wasn’t included in the other two books, including options for a Klingon-focused campaign, Romulan-focused Campaign, Maquis-focused campaign, Cardassian-focused campaign (either playing as members of those quadrant powers, or more campaign ideas on having to deal with them from all eras, either from a first-contact perspective for ENT/TOS, or from the wars that ensued over the years).

More details on Starbases could also be included in this supplement for Starbase-focused campaigns, and also colony/planet-based campaigns. Could also include some more options for Federation ships not already included in the other books already out there (like the Prometheus class).

I think rules for a Klingon campaign would be meaty eneugh to warrent it’s own book,


There are still crews waiting for:
Deep Space 9
TNG series
TNG films
TOS films
Dominion enemies
Cardassian enemies

All of these will sell more than a web series that ended half a year ago, now if there were a Kickstarter I have no doubt the sets would probably make more money as web fans are more likely to spend more money per capita, but based around retail sales it would be insane to focus on them as a priority.

DS9 and TNG crews are already out. You can get them as PDF files on the website.

That was in reference to MisterX’s suggestion for miniatures of the crew from Shield of Tomorrow, not character splats. Which as far as I’ve heard have all been written that are licenced just waiting for release.

Well, we obviously disagree on the potential use of miniatures. The majority of the players I know would not play as Kirk or Janeway and would probably prefer to use ‘generic’ miniatures to represent their characters. Thus, the Shield of Tomorrow crew would be “dual-use” and have a high potential for selling, in my opinion.

But obviously, you have a different opinion, which is fine.


Will “Strange new Worlds” be available this month, as announced?

More news when I can share it. Stay tuned.

(shameless plug And in the meantime, we have several standalone adventures available as PDFs on the store in addition to the 8 adventures in These are the Voyages.)


Could you collate those into an easy to buy pack (or heck even a subscription?) I just noticed them, they’re allllll the way at the end of the list of stuff to buy in the store so no wonder I missed them. I’m gonna get them all in the next week or so :slight_smile:


I find myself wishing for ship miniatures to paint. They’re not really vital to play, I just like them. I am fully aware of other companies offering miniatures, and I’ve posted some of my painting results on these forums.

That said, I like Modiphius better than other said companies - you all are much more reliable in your delivery of products and have much higher quality, so big kudos!! There are also many ships that aren’t currently available in unpainted miniature form, Nova, Steamrunner, Ambassador, and many more.

I’d personally prefer 3d printable STL models, but would consider produced models as well, if they didn’t break scale with other unpainted minis I have.

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For myself - and that’s all I can write about, in any authoritative capacity - the miniatures thing is a very much secondary point. Our GM, and associated contributors, have done an excellent job, in my opinion, in putting together front/top/side images of a totally off-the-books, made-up-out-of-whole-cloth TOS ship. More than anything, I feel it’d be of value to have some kind of tool - online, most likely - to start constructing actual decks plans so that we’ve got some solid basis for where our guys are going/have gone on the ship during crisis and conflict points.

Other than that, as others have already discussed, I would appreciate having some villains/opponents who are already fully statted out, in order to save the GM and Players some much-appreciated game time. Whether or not such NPCs get used in the adventures they were actually created for is beside the point; they’re set and ready to go, out of the box, for introduction into a situation that may call for conflict of some type for purposes of dramatic arc fulfillment, or simply to inject some excitement and keep things moving along.

Other than those points, I’ll just make it clear that I’m a happy warrior in the Army of Conformity: Expanded and detailed character sheets, expanded and detailed character sheets, expanded and detailed character sheets. That’s about it. Otherwise, think Modiphius is doing a bang-up job, and hoping very much to see more as the year continues.

Are the NPCs in the core and various supplements and adventures not along the lines of what you’re looking for? Trying to better understand your ask.

I think there are plenty of NPC stats in the books, but it’s a lot of flipping pages in several different books. I would love to have a deck of cards with stats for quick reference. Equipment cards and talent cards along the same lines would be great as well.

Decks of cards are on my development wishlist.


A creatures of startrek book would be nice as well (think dnd monstermanual)

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