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New Monsters - Lesser Wendigo

Hello all!

I won’t lie, love this whole rule set up but I may have immediately ported it to a homebrew world :wink: Regardless, I’m working on some general bits and pieces and have been playtesting a bit with my playgroup over discord. I recently built a new Monster following the DM’s guide release, which I have included below, one thing I’ve noted is it’s still quite squishy due to the action economy against a party of four. Though as a lieutenant level threat I imagine that’s to be expected! Critiques and the such welcomed and encouraged!
Lesser Wendigo.pdf (188.5 KB)


Looks pretty good on first pass. It’s vulnerability to fire makes is something PCs can intuitively figure out. The Fearsome 1 seems to already be included in the Wendiog’s Howl. Probably redundant.
I might add +1CD to normal weapons fire due to the exothermic nature of gunfire and the vulnerability of the wendigo.
Might add a speed element to the Wind Walker aspect of the beast too…like it can move X range fields (e.g. from Long to Close in one turn).

Otherwise…pretty neat.

Thanks for the comment Pandarian, in relation to Fearsome, I was attempting to narrow down what damage to start the Howl at and kind of just… guessed, which is why that likely seems off!

Will certainly add a speed element to the Wind Walker aspect, clarification is never a bad thing after all.

Thanks buddy!