My WiP painting and modeling post

Hadn’t thought of the barrels, that’s a really good idea too.

I was thinking about doing glowing versions of a Deathclaw, couple of Mutant Hounds, maybe a Rad Scorpion, some rad roaches, and now that you mention the Barrels, I’ll be adding those to the list (The spillage glowing would be a great visual effect for the table.)

This also makes me think: Could actually do a Nuka Cola bottle as a Quantum if we can find a blue.

Cant wait to see how the glow effect looks on the models!

i suppose blue is possible its worth testing with different undercoats to see how it affects the color of the glow

It looks like the LIT is a powder that is mixed with a base paint. I know they recommend their own product, but it’s possible that a neon blue might work with it as well. Alternately, a solid blue with a thin coat might achieve a similar effect.

It’s going to be a while before I can start painting my models, but I can already tell that this product would be fun to experiment with. :smirk:

just found this video on youtube it seems like the matterials used to make the glow affect work might over power most colors

Looks like you’re right. LIT seems to be very green regardless of any other factors. That probably means it’s going to work great for “Glowing” critters or radioactive effects, but probably not for anything else.

Regardless, it’s going to make for some really neat models.

oh yhea i can see my self loosing a good few hours messing around with it

an update with the tests on the rustoleum glow in the dark i picked up a tin of there green paint on glow in the dark while i was getting some more primer it works ok on a green under coat but needing to put a couple good layers on thin areas it does dull the colour a bit so that would need to be taken into account when choosing the tone you want
here is the test piece i used ignore the horrible paint work and green was testing something else at the same time while rushing


Very nice, I can see that working very well for something like the glowing deathclaw. The colors look good for it.

oh yhea osl is very good when done well, was mainly an experiment still curious how well this LIT will hold up in natural or ambient light on such a small scale at worst il use the left overs on my parents light switches so they can easily find them at night

They claim the glow capability holds up amazingly well. A goid coat of your clear coat of choice should prevent from being rubbed off.

yhea waiting for my pot to be delivered then i will have a good play around with it

on another note final touches to the hounds as my static grass tufts arrived and decided to go for plain black trims as the colored trims felt to distracting



The little tufts of dry grass helps a lot. Looks great on the bases without taking away from how good the hounds look. Very nice.

thanks for the kind words gatekeeper

No problem. Just giving credit where it’s due. :wink:

Todays update a couple Supermutants

Supermutant 1

Supermutant 2


The rust on the helmets looks great. For the loincloths, you used some kind of tan? Looks like maybe a brown wash over that?

yhea skeleton bone in the army painter range with flesh wash over it and bits of random dry brushing of browns and other colors that make it look grungy.

Looks pretty good, especially the front of the second model where the detail work is more obvious.

yhea the resin models help bring the detail out more than the pvc ones, if i had to compare them its the difference between board game pieces verses actual war gaming models in terms of detailing

I enjoy wargaming, but I’m not a good enough a painter to fret too much over the quality of the miniatures. :stuck_out_tongue: That said, looking at your pictures above, I can’t really tell the difference in quality. (First model comes from the Starter set and the second from the Super Mutant Core set? Which means the first is a pbc and the other is resin?)