Merchant Captain: Why only 3 Mandatory skills but 4 Optional skills to choose from?

Conan the Pirate gives us the Merchant Captain Archetype.Unlike all other Archetypes, it appears to give only 3 Mandatory skills (with levels in each of Command, Insight, and Sailing) but it gives 4 Optional skills to pick from (taking 2 from Craft, Discipline, Observation, and Persuade). This oddity is present in the character generator too. I believe that one of those Optional skills should be switched to Mandatory (along with +1E/+1F), but which one?

This is indeed a typo. Character generation does not make sense with only three mandatory skills (unless you may pick three elective skills). I believe I got an official reply to this back in the old forum. The Merchant Captain should have the following skills:

Mandatory: Command, Insight, Persuade and Sailing
Elective: Craft, Discipline or Observation

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Pirate Captain – Persuasion should be manditory