Klingons- Brak'lul

I’m confused about the design behind the Brak’lul talent- Narratively, it sounds like it should make lethal attacks… less so, but the resistance bonus only applies to Nonlethal attacks.

Furthermore, the reduced difficulty on First Aid tasks seems… irrelevant, since First Aid is already difficulty 1, the lowest the talent allows, and unlike other injury response tasks, doesn’t list factors that would tend to complicate it.

I’m not saying that there can’t be narrative factors that would complicate a First Aid task, but it seems intentional that the test to keep a party member from flat-out dying is pretty inelastic and straightforward.

What am I missing that makes this not like Pathfinder’s infamous Prone Shooter?

First, comparing this to Prone Shooter? Low blow, man…

In the shows, Klingons demonstrate a significant resistance to unarmed strikes and phasers set to stun compared to humans, but are no more resilient to deadly attacks like a disruptor blast or a phaser set to kill. Thus, Brak’lul applies to non-lethal attacks, not lethal ones. It’s a case of replicating a quality seen in Klingons in the show, and then applying a vaguely appropriate name to it, rather than trying to accurately simulate the effect of having an eight-chambered heart, a third lung, and other organ redundancies. The starting point was the rule on Klingon NPCs in the corebook, fleshed out a bit more to fit being used by a PC rather than an NPC.

As to the matter of first aid difficulty, Complications that represent minor injuries are relatively easy to obtain, in part because they’re a possible way to avoid an injury. They are the most common difficulty increase that first aid tasks will face, and by no means is it the intent that the base difficulty is an unchanging fixture - lack of appropriate tools, environmental conditions like darkness or other visual impediments (it’s hard to stabilise injuries you can’t see), disruptions and distractions from being under attack, and similar are all logical reasons to make first aid tasks harder. Brak’lul’s secondary effect - and it is a minor boost and secondary detail compared to the higher resistance to non-lethal attacks - takes the edge off those extra problems.