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Infinity - Rules Questions!

OK take everything I say with a grain of salt but, if I’m not mistaken, aspect should use gheist for the most part. Them being a part of aleph doesn’t mean they can access the full computing power of the ai, for what I understand aspects of aleph are simply tailor made personalities inserted into an host. The biggest difference with a human is the presence of another voice in their head, that belong to aleph. This “voice” can provide ressource and support, or instructions, but in the end, the aspect is in charge of taking the final decision. That’s a lot of talking without answering the question, but that’s the issue: it depends. On paper they don’t need it since they have aleph in their head, however constant connection to alpeh might not be possible, and using processing power to accomplish a gheist job while gheist are efficient, autonomous and rather cheap may not be agood bargain. So it’s likely that self aware aspects have gheist.
true ai on the other and have no use for a gheist. They might use one or pretend to use one when in an host for camouflage purpose, but their abilities are beyond anything a gheist could pretend to.

Thanks alot, I’ll go with that and it was kind of what I had imagined myself as well.

Why wouldn’t they? Geists are fundamentally “just” semi-sentient personalised electronic interfaces. I do however think that the fact they’re a Geist for an AI should be reflected in their character (or perhaps not if the Aspect in question has acquired an off the shelf Geist to appear “more normal”).

Particularly for True AIs I’d probably RP them as a Daemon that the True AI has spun off their own code. This is similar to Svengali’s approach, but equally could work for an outre Aleph Aspect who created an Aspect of an Aspect to do multi-tasking for them (quite risque as it flirts with the one-AI laws).

Now if I was RPing a Rogue AI that had evolved from a LAI and was still acting in a way reasonably analogous to a LAI then I’d probably consider not having a Geist. Think Pi-well or Billie. A character concept I’d like to explore is a newly awakened REM LAI who appears to people outside the group like one of the other PC’s Tinbot.

I didn’t see any replies to this so… You should have used Stealth checks. Stealth is to be used in all areas of conflict which is why it is described in the action section before Warfare, Infowar and Psywar.

This is exactly what I was going to say.

I have a question about TAGs in the RPG. I cant find anywhere that there is a maintenance cost for a TAG. But I noticed Power Armour and many other things do have a maintenance cost. Is this an error or do TAG pilots really not have a maintenance cost?

TAGs are counted as vehicles and those don’t have maintenance costs. Maintenance covers more than just upkeep on a item though. I assume from the high price tags on most vehicles and TAGs that it’s factored into its initial price.

They are also the items most likely to have their structure reduced and suffer faults that need outside help to fix as most (unless they have Self-Repairing) can’t heal on their own.

Hey Guys!

Sorry for change the subject, but I have some questions about the creation of a Hacker.

  1. The only possibility to be a hacker (as career) is to be part of the submondo (faction table B p.55)?. I know that there are other profession that includes hacking skill and other which includes hacker devices (like reverend agent or Bureau toth agent), but the only hacker as profession that I saw is in submondo, this is weird because every faction has their own hackers in the wargame for example, and/or Nomads and Aleph are the greatest hackers of human sphere, so I’m missing something?

  2. I saw that the only two options of hacking devices that a character could have during the life path system is assault hacking device or defensive hacking device the other possibilities are not allowed?

  3. When a player receives a hacker device as a gear in the creation of his character, such as an assault hacker device, this includes all the programs allowed for that device? or he must “buy” the programs associated with the device after?, or is the GM’s decision what programs he provides at the beginning of the campaign/story?

  4. Related with the previous question if the player want to buy another hacking dive, like killer hacking device, the player needs to buy the device and the program separately? Or when he/she buys the device, does it include all the programs? I ask this because the total cost (price) of the programs for one type of device (p. 352) is much higher than the price of the device (p.353).


  1. You can also Hazard a Career as a Hacker. In both Nomads and Aleph there are ‘hacker’ career paths that don’t require you to take the Hacker career (notably Interventor in Nomads).

  2. In the Core book you can only get a AHD or DHD to start. You can get other Hacking Devices through non-Core career paths (Interventor in the Nomad book gets you a HD+ for instance)

  3. No, it’s just the device. Programs cost extra. Unless your GM is very kind.

  4. Yes. Programs cost extra. But unlike the device, you don’t really need to worry about them getting fried on each run as you probably have back-ups stored somewhere in case you need to ditch your Hacking Device for some reason.


There is only an hacker career in submondo because for most factions hacker isn’t a job, it’s a set of skills, used in diverse careers. Just because you don’t have the hacker career doesn’t mean you aren’t one. :slight_smile: For the rest of your questions Inane provided the answers.

Thanks guys for your answer, is very clear now.

@inane.imp I forgot the hazard a career :-), and thanks for answering my questions one by one. @Chronic, maybe as I came from the wargame I have the idea that hacker is a career (a specific profile in several troops), but you are right, as mention in my previous comment, during the creation of character many professions can have the hacker skill and other have access to hacker devices too as other skill related to hacking. finally, I’ll look for supplements to have more hacker divices options.

Well some hackers in the wargame are insert unit name first, and hacker second!

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This. For instance the character I’m playing ATM is a fairly-heavily-augmented, Ex-Wildcat Hacker that does bodyguard work.

He Hacks about as well as he Shoots, so depending on context does either. It’s a great utility build that never feels like I don’t have something to do (indeed often it feels the opposite).

Most Nomad builds function well as an X who Hacks.

The thing to look out for with Xs who Hack is the Analysis skill. This is really the secondary Hacking skill, but many Lifepaths can miss it entirely.

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Yes, it is remarkable, that such an important skill - not only for Infowar applications - is so rarely accessible during the lifepath character creation.

Is it that rare? Funny things is all my characters have it, and I tend to put a high priority on it.

You can get it via some Education choices but it’s missing from most Lifepaths.

Just looking at Nomads there’s 8 Lifepaths you can use to be an ‘X who Hacks’ and only 1 of them (Intelligence Operative) gets Analysis as well. Now this makes sense for say a 'Cat or Provocateurs, but an Investigative Journalist doesn’t get Analysis?

On top of that, it’s notable that both specialist hacker careers (Hacker and Interventor) get Observation in preference to Analysis.

So it’s something you feel if you’re running a differently focussed character (say a self-taught submondo Haxker who `grew up on the streets’) and need to plug other holes during the final steps.

Regarding the Infowar rules, you actually need both - and Stealth, too.

Analysis subs for most of the ‘Observation’ infowar tests.

Quantronic Stealth: Quantronic targets, zones, and
even specific quantronic zone effects can be hidden. Characters use the Analysis skill instead of the
Observation skill when trying to discern hidden
Targets, zones, and objects, as it requires being able
to pick out small details in vast quantities of cod e.

What else do you use Observation for in Inforwar?

And yeah, Stealth is pretty universally useful.

Good day.

I am new to Infinity RPG, and so far I am only studying the character creation system.

In particular, I am interested in more detailed rules for using Lhosts.

In the character generator on this forum, I found the characteristics described in Corbook (Nabia, Orlando …) but I have not seen these numbers anywhere in the books which I read. And in Aleph Faction Book, I found only the rules for custom Lhost. Did I miss something? Please tell me in what additional materials these characteristics are described?

And is there also I am curious in description of the features of the appearance of different types Lhosts? How do they differ from each other externally?

The Lhosts in the Corebook are described in detail in the Gear chapter (the Lhost chapter for costs, the Gear Catalogue for the detailed stats and descriptions).
Those Lhosts are: Standard, Antiquated, Nabia, Orlando, Siren and Titan Lhost.

Are you looking for more information about those Lhosts?
Or are you looking for different types of Lhosts besides those listed above?