How you say...? (Any errata for character creation for the line?)

In the character creation pieces from the expansion books, there are several cases of skills being granted that do not exist. While some of these have obvious fixes (Persuasion should be Persuade, and I believe Battle and Warcraft should be Warfare), others are less obvious like this War Story from Conan the Thief: 17–18 Survived a Horrible Gang War +1 Expertise and Focus to Parry and Resolve. Now Resolve exists, but it is not a skill, so should this be Resistance (makes sense and starts with the same three letters) or maybe Discipline (adds to Resolve)?

Anyway, is there an up to date errata for these books?

I checked the pdf version and it seems the error has been corrected. All I can suggest is to double check with the most up-to-date pdf version of any given book.