How would armor work in the following circumstances?

  1. If someone wears a brigandine jacket (that covers arms and torso) and sacrifices it to absorb damage to their torso, do they still keep the armor ratings on their arms?

  2. [Oops. My question was about encumbrance for worn armor. I’d missed out the statement at the top of p157 regarding this. Thanks Stokar.]

  1. That would be up to you. It does not say. I would probably rule that just the torso area lost its soak value but the arms would still have protection.

  2. Page 157 core book

The Encumbrance value provided is only for use when the armor is being carried or transported. Wearing armor does not count against the Encumbrance Limit of the character (see page 137): the penalties are already considered with the armor’s Qualities.

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i have it that the location hit is the only place that is sacrificed to avoid the wound- so to answer your question in the example given- The arms would still have protection. Think of it like Theoden taking the spear to the chest at the gates of Helms Deep- penetrated his breastplate- but arms are still fine…

on a side-note- i charge my players the armour rating sacrificed in gold to repair the damaged piece…i.e. brigandine 2 gold/location

Just my thoughts What…hope it helped

I like the idea of charging the armor rating in gold to repair it. I’m going to start utilizing that. Up until now I’ve been mostly charging them 50% of the cost to buy the armor in the first place.