How to Handle Capturing a Target

Several Ghouls are bent on taking a victim alive for a grizzly fate later before their God. They want the target alive. Non lethal attacks will only Stagger their target, if they do real harm they target will lose conscious of course but also be a bloody ruin or even die accidentally.

How do you Subdue in these rules?

Subdue usually Dazes the target, making all skill tests more difficult. And if a target gets kidnapped, I imaging they are Grappled as well.

I’m not sure what the goal is. Should the target be conscious? And should the target be a player or NPC?

If it’s an NPC, just do whatever. If it’s a player, such special situations should be handled by spending some Doom to create appropriate Complications.

It was an NPC. I allowed the Wounds to represent steps towards being subdued, not actual damage beyond the first Wound but being overpowered instead when grappled.

The only rule I apply when handling NPC to NPC interactions is do whats best for the tale.


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