How does the Tosk's Shroud work?

Hello, I like the idea of a Tosk character, but I’m unsure about their Shroud rules. According to their trait description from the Gamma Quadrant Sourcebook “If a Tosk holds still, they
can initiate their Shroud in the same manner as a Jem’Hadar soldier.” According to the NPC descriptions of Jem’Hadar “The Shroud: A Jem’Hadar may spend 2 Threat as a Minor Action to become virtually invisible, increasing the Difculty of all Tasks to observe, locate, or target the Jem’Hadar by three. This effect ends when the Jem’Hadar makes an attack, or takes a Minor Action to end the effect.”

Jem’Hadar are NPCs, so they pay for Shroud with Threat. How do Tosk pay for it? Momentum? Or can they give the GM Threat to activate it?

I’d say: Both.

Threat and Momentum are in most (but not all) cases two sides of the same medal. GMs use Threat the way players use Momentum and vice versa (with exceptions, of course, but that is the essence of it).

Thus, I would say the default would be the player paying Momentum to initiate their Shroud ability.

If the players were out of Momentum, I would allow giving Threat to the GM to “buy” the Momentum needed.

They didn’t make a talent for it (which I was surprised and a bit disappointed about), so really it would just be their species trait that would give them an advantage to hiding.

Shroud certainly sounds powerful enough that it should be a Talent rather than just a part of the species Trait.

Since the shroud is not inherently violent or dangerous, I’d say they have to spend 2 Momentum (immediate).

It should be, I agree, but they didn’t make it that way for some reason.

Thanks for the replies. It’s also weird that the Tosk species trait specifies it as “If a Tosk holds still", the Jem’Hadar don’t have such a restriction, so it could be argued that Tosk shouldn’t pay as much.