Haqqislam Sourcebook: Noor AR

On p69 of the Haqqislam Sourcebook PDF (v7 edition), the description of Noor AR is a duplicate of the text from Meltsand, immediately above it in the equipment list. Does anyone have the details of what Noor AR actually is/does? Is there a more recent edition of the PDF with this corrected?
(It’s a bit hard to correlate versions between DriveThru and BackerKit, where the former are dated, and the latter are version-numbered!)
Alternatively, is there a better place to raise errata queries like this?

In the version of Haqqislam that I have (downloaded on September 18, 2018, from DTRPG), Noor AR has the correct description (presumably - it’s at least not the Meltsand description). Its game effects are to reduce the XP cost of a specific Education talent if its used for at least a month, at the cost of adding +1 Complication Range to Observation tests while it is used.

Cheers! I think my copy was from the Kickstarter download, not the DriveThruRPG version. Guess I’ll update my saved copies so that they’re each the latest one from DTRPG - thanks for the confirmation that that one’s been updated!