Haqqislam Sourcebook: Hassassin Fiday career inconsistency query

In the Note under the Hassassin Fiday career block on p83, it states “This version of the Hassassin Fiday replaces any earlier printed versions: even if a character is being created using only the Infinity Corebook, feel free to substitute this stat block for the version in core.”

This suggests that, instead of the Elective Skills from the corebook, a roll for Hassassin Order should be made, and the Elective Skills from the Order should be used (and the corebook Elective Skills are not available).

However, in the Hassassin Orders block at the foot of p83, it states “You may
also use your Order’s elective skills in place of the standard when working the Hassassin Fiday career”
, which would suggest that the ‘standard’ Elective Skills from the corebook are still available instead of the Order skills (due to the use of the word ‘may’) …

Which of these is true? Are the ‘default’ Fiday Elective Skills still available, or is it Order skills only, even for Hassassin Fiday?

It also notes under Hassassin Examplar that, when repeating the career, you can continue in the same Order, or roll for a new Order (or pay 1 LP to choose your Order). Is this option to roll for a new Order also available for Hassassin Fiday, or are they stuck in the Order they first roll?

(Also, the Hassassin Exemplar career block (p82) is not shown as having the Prerequisite: Haqqislam Faction, although it is marked as having that on the career table on p79, though I suspect that was merely a matter of limited space.)

The answer to this is “Yes”.

Yes the notes say you use the Haqqislam version of hassassin as a replacement. But you can also use the normal version as is.

Essentially the idea is when your making a character you can choose to make it with the Corebook or with the Haqqislam Career version or a combination of the both, the Mandatory Skills from the Corebook and elective order from the Haqqislam book or the Elective from the Core and the Mandatory from Haqqislam and that any combination of those skills counts for choosing further abilities to make tests against for Faction Career access.

So yes, their are the 6 Orders and essentially a series of order-less options as well.

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Thanks! That’s how I’d read it (with regard to the Elective skills, anyway), but I wanted to check how others had.