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Hammer the War in 2d20

Ok, sorry for the lame joke in the title but anyone as tried to adapt the 2d20 system for Warhammer Fantasy?
I think it will work well with few changes but for magic. I have some doubt at how to modify the magic system for the player characters.

Any suggestion or prior experience?

Thank you for the help,


I think Conan, in particular, would work fine as a baseline.

The cultures and nations can easily be made to fit the Old World’s late medieval/early Renaissance setting. Magic would probably need a little work dependent on whether you’re going for a 1e or 2e vibe and you’d probably need to work up suitable mutations if you wanted that to be a thing.

Hello, thank you for the reply.
Yes, i’m using Conan as a base and it seems to work quite well for most things. Actually some changes i’m doing are more to suit my and my player tastes.

My major concern si that i’m not sure how to tackle magic. I want it to be a bit more dangerous but not too much.

Mutation i didn’t gave a though yet to be honest but i will when i’m donne with some other points.

For now i reworked how to create characters, xp cost for some advancements, adapted the money in a more traditional way but using a decimal system (the original in warhammer is not of my taste, i prefer the simplier 1 gold = 10 silver = 100 copper) and some minor changes on how to spend momentum.
I’ve adapted the recovery system for vigor and resolve from Infinity and i’m thinking if adapt the Harm system too.
Now i’m working on nonhuman races as elf and dwarf.

If anyone have any idea to suggest is welcome :slight_smile:

I’d keep the Conan Harms. The simple “1 wound causes +1D to all tests” is significantly simpler than Infinity, where there’s always a pause after causing a Harm where you go “well what outcome do we want to apply?”, and then apply Crippled because it’s mechanically better (it can’t be Absterged).

If you do go with Infinity Harms, then for Wounds I’d roll them randomly to ensure some of the more interesting ones get applied.

Infinity’s Psywar and Metanoia rules are more developed than Conan.