Glowing ones quedtion?

Question is what do glowing ones look like out of the box . I can’t find an unboxing video or what they look like in the sprue

If they are just grey then any tips in painting



I picked up the “glowing” variants when those were released. They’re already green and look decent right out of the box, just need to paint the base.

As for the normal ones, they’re gray like any other model. I’ve painted a “glowing one” out of a model from a different company and I used a really bright green for the skin, hit that with a traditional green wash, then went back and highlighted a little bit with the original shade of green. I was very pleased with the result.

I just so happen to have a box sitting in the corner. So here’s the “normal ones” in the feral ghoul pack and my painted up specials.

So to paint them up in glowing style, I’d probably go for darker green on the limbs, wash with black and then high light with lighter greens and yellows where I want them to be “glowing”.