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Got something special in mind for that transparent fluid?

I turned off my printer yesterday. First time I gave it a real break since I got it up and running. I figured after the hermit crab it earned itself a break. More importantly, I want to make sure I have some fluid left for things I want badly if I blow my hobby budget this week when Modiphius drops new content on us again this week.

On the note of the Hermit Crab. It looks like it’s going to fit on a base the same size as Liberty Prime. I’m sort of drawing up an outline of what I want to do for that. I think I’m going to go with a stretch of road with a little bit of the shoulder so I can put a road sign on it.

Couple of WIP pictures:

The base is the same size as Liberty Prime. I actually used that base as a template to mark this one. Hermit Crab fits almost perfectly on the base.

Base is still drying and needs a bit of weathering still.

Crab is very much a WIP, got some early paint on the back half, but haven’t even started the crab itself.

I’ll take some more pictures once I have more to show.



Still need to finish the nuka cola bottles, the wheels, taillights, eyes, and attach it to the base. If I can get all of that done and add a little weathering, I think it will look pretty decent.


That’s is looking fantastic! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! It’s turning out better than I had expected it to.

If all goes well, I hope to get a little more work done to it today. Not sure if I’ll be able to finish it tonight, but I hope to.


I think it’s done. The crab isn’t attached to the base yet, but otherwise I’m really happy with how it’s turned out.


It looks great! You nailed the skin color and the rust effects on the car and sign.

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Really well done!

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Another fantastic work!

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Brilliant :smiley:

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Oh that’s just beautiful. I love it.

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Been busy with the 3d printer again.

Shipping container, beds, dressers, water fountains, stoves, toilets, expresso machines, chairs, picnic tables, and mannequins are all official models. Everything else is files I found on the internet.

The alt-Nuka Girl scales perfectly with the official one. I placed her in the image to show scale with the Thirst Zappers. They’re a little big, but I don’t think they would have printed any smaller.

The van is actually the Mystery Marchine. It was intended to be a vehicle for the Gaslands game, but I blew it up and have plans for it in Fallout. It’s just a little small, but shouldn’t be obvious during play.

The tiny mirelurks are intentionally small. I had printed one up to use as the Red Death, painted it, then dropped it, breaking it. So I printed up some more figuring I’d be able to get at least one good print off of the bundle.

The two small Mutant Hounds next to the official one, I intend to paint up one of them as a small Mutant Hound for humor’s sake. Not sure what I’ll do with the other one yet.

Centaurs turned out much better this time, the first pair I did were when I was just starting to 3d print and I screwed them up pretty bad. One leg didn’t print on the right hand one, but otherwise both turned out pretty good.

In addition to all of those things, i pictured some arcade machines, a pair of Vim soda machines, an anchor, a broken Assaultron, and some Radstags.

NOTE: If anyone is planning to print the shipping containers: The bottom is flat, so you’re probably not going to want to show that off anyway. Hollow the piece out with about 5mm walls and cut a nice big hole in the bottom so it has somewhere to drain. Orient the model so the holds are facing the resin tank so it drains and print. It only takes about 1/3 of the resin to print it that way, otherwise that piece is going to use a LOT of resin.


Those look awesome! How long did it take to print that much stuff?

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You have to keep in mind, I have very little down time between printings. Usually I’m at the printer within a minute or two of the time it beeps to indicate completion, then it takes the time required to scrape the new items off of the build plate, refasten the build plate, and select the next item for printing. Once the printer is running, I clean the stuff I just pulled off of it and that takes long enough to see the print time display before I leave the area. So maybe 5 minutes between print times most of the time.

So, with that for a bit of context.
Shipping container: Right around 4 hours.
Arcade machines (All on one tray: About 3 1/2 hours.
Radstags, Office chairs, Mannequens, Toilets: About 3 hours
Anchor, Mirelurks, Thirst Zappers, baby Mutant Hounds, Vim soda machines: About 3 1/2 hours
Beds and Dressers: About 3 1/2 hours
Picnic Tables, folding chairs: About 3 1/2 hours
Mystery Machine (Shell on one plate, everything else on a second one.): About 7 hours.
Everything else: About 3 hours.

I’ll usually start something with a longer build time right before bed so I can pull it off in the morning.

None of those are exact times, but are within a few minutes of what it took for each.

By standing things like the beds and picnic tables on their ends, it increases build time, but you can fit a lot more on a tray that way.

When cramming things tightly on a build plate, you have to keep in mind how you’re going to access various pieces. You want fragile/small details at the outside of the build plate so it’s easy to reach with your snips, and you want to remove those items first so you don’t risk damaging them when cutting other items free. For example, I flipped the mirelurks on their backs for printing so their legs would be facing up when printing, then when cutting them free I started by making sure the legs and arms were cut free before worrying about cutting the shell from the supports.

Another thing to keep in mind is the cost. Everything you see there probably cost $20 in resin plus another $3 in alcohol for cleaning. (I have a container where I wash the miniatures. I scrape them right into the container, then swish them about for a bit. Mostly clean it then pour a little fresh alcohol on the miniature and use a toothbrush to clean up any lingering resin. Then on the rare occasion that I get a little resin on myself, I wash my hands with the alcohol (I figure if it is good for cleaning off resin from miniatures, then it will likely get it off my hands) before washing a second time with soap. In other words, I’m liberal enough with my alcohol that I probably use more of it than most people would.)


That’s impressive that it’s able to keep running that much! Sounds like you’ve figured out some great ways to maximise efficiency as well :slight_smile:

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Again, for brand new to this, your prints look fantastic! Gives me a lot of hope and inspiration to do this myself. And $25 for all that?? Sounds like a dream to me :smiley:

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Some more 3d prints. I shut down the printer for the last day until I had time to give it a proper cleaning. The little hole you can see in the one CAMP workbench is because of a spot on the clear film between the resin and the UV light. and it runs all the way through the model. Easy enough to hide with a little putty, but I didn’t want it to affect anything fragile.

First image includes two CAMP workbenches, five of the ten canisters I printed, and two of the five deathclaw heads I printed off (I’m keeping three, the others I have another home for.)

Second image includes four copies of Drinkin Buddy (I’m keeping two, the others I have another home for.) and a robot workbench. The robot workbench was a PAIN to print. This was my third, and last attempt. It’s incredibly fragile even after I scaled it up slightly. The model was so thin that the platform didn’t even print, only the frame of the platform, and as you can see, I broke the platform when trying to cut it free. I’ll piece it together once it’s hardened a little and go from there. It was a complex enough print, and hard enough to cut out, that I won’t be printing another one.

A big shout out to @robhistory for the Drinkin Buddy. I found a model that was designed to be a sort of action figure and came in pieces. Rob fit everything together for printing and shrunk it down so it was close in size before I tweaked the size and printed it. Really, I thought I’d get 2-3 good prints out of the three and I’d end up using the one or two iffy ones to chunk out for terrain. I was pleasantly surprised that they all made it. Only issue I had with the print was that the topmost finger on the right hand of all four models didn’t print right.


Please to see how well the Drinkin Buddy turned out. He is pretty nice.

Funny to see you printing the CAMP from Fallout 76 - since you haven’t played that game. Looks like they turned out well. It is on my list.

I looked at the robot workbench… I can firm up the floor by putting a disk under it - I think I remember that in-game the floor is solid. And it may print better cut into pieces. I’ll have to see if there is anything else I can do at my skill level.
What happened with all of the little cables? I can’t imagine they printed - you may have cause some floaties in your resin tank. Probably a good idea to run it through a filter before you print again. I think I can trim them off the print, and replace the important ones with wire once it has printed.

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One of the Drinkin Buddies is yours.

I saw the CAMP item and thought it would be nice to print. I looked up a couple of in-game images of it and tried to eyeball the size.

The robot workbench, Most of the cables printed, but they were either incomplete or so flimsy that I didn’t even try to salvage them. When you fiddle with the model, check the machinery at the very back, there’s a sort of box back there that didn’t print quite right for me, so if you want to do one, you’ll likely want to make that solid.

I actually have a Highwayman printing right now. Says it’s going to be about a 10 hour print. Keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out.

Looking at it in game it’s very small like two radios back to back

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