FWW app problems

I cannot change rounds after second one. Tapping a button doesn’t do anything. It occurs every time I spend longer time in the app during a match. There are also some errors like Bruts armour increased to 4 without any buffs/armour when hes got psycho equipped but not used. If I start a new match and straight away start changing rounds I can do it as many times as I want. Experienced this issue also playing scenario water treatment plant provided by the app. Reinstall didn`t help. Anyone has also experienced that?

I reported the issue with “pyscho and armor” to the dev a few weeks ago, they are going to deploy a fix. If you actually use the pyscho everything works fine. I have had the “moving the round forward” issue also. If I restart the battle it seems to work…I have not reported that one since I can not seem to reproduce it consistently.