Finding each other out in the wasteland

Denver (Aurora), Colorado, United States over here.

Stockholm, Sweden!

I live in County Down, Northern Ireland. Dromore to be precise, if anyone is close by and wants to game!

Hey just starting out but having a great time. Located in Green Bay in WI

United States
Green Bay

I am in south Everett and work in north Everett. I’m about to start the RPG with my two fellow players.

In my campaign, Seattle is known as Needletown and the Space Needle has been painted green. The main raider gang there is the Ozzies.

Man are we the only two in all of Florida? I am in Brevard County, a bit south of you!

Any one near the Philadelphia, PA area?

Northwest of Baltimore, Maryland here. Anyone?

Shame! I used to be in the Philly area right when FWW launched, but didn’t have time to get a community started before leaving. Definitely poke around Redcap’s Corner!