Enterprise Era questions

So I was thinking about coming up with a campaign based in the Enterprise Era and I had a couple of questions.

  1. What books have the best/most information about the era itself? (i.e. ship stats, species, planets, et cetera).

  2. I wanted to have my game focus on a course that goes a different direction than Archer and the Enterprise. Does anyone have a good resource that shows their flight path and how it relates to any maps made for STA? I’ve tried googling but the best result I found used STO maps and it didn’t seem plausible, even by Star Trek standards.

I’m going to continue doing my own research to hopefully answer my own questions but any help would be appreciated.


I haven’t found any record of the actual path(s) the NX-01 took through the stars yet but StarTrekMap.com has a PDF that shows what the known state of nearby space was during its years of service. I hope this is helpful.

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I just found a discussion about your query on Reddit. It seems that someone else a few years ago was looking for the NX-01’s path as well and, seeing as how nothing else has been posted in the past five years, I tend to believe that what the person said in his reply is probably true: there does not appear to be such a graphic available for the NX-01 Enterprise.

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Thanks for the quick response. Guess I’ll just pick a direction and go. hahaha.

There is a book yhat matches your exact needs, up to right before the Xindi War… it is called “Star Trek Star Charts” by Geoffrey Mandel. There is a map if their 2151-2152 route on pages 60 and 61 plus 22nd Century trade routes on 44 and 45. The book is incredibly detailed and predates STO, and is a fuller and more workable take on the same layout. Also a lot of useful tidbits about sectors, star types and planet classes. There is also a Stellar Cartography set that came out later, but I don’t remember if it showed routes.
Hope this helps. We’ve used these maps in our campaigns to a great sense of “being there.”

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I’d suggest the Command Division book for specifics for the ships and some notable NPCs.

I think the Beta Quadrant book would be best for Romulan info