Enslave Spell - Slay momentum spends

The slay momentum spend lists 3-8. But the description says you must spend 5 to cause a wound… etc.
How or what is the purpose of the momentum spend? What does spending 3 or 4 points do?

Even when you read “and now you may die” I still do not understand it.

For what it is worth, the (inofficial?) Sorcery FAQ has this information about the Slay Momentum spend:

Q. Why does the Slay Momentum spend have a cost of 3–8? The text says it requires 5+.

A. The text is incorrect. Inflicting a Wound requires 3 Momentum. The Momentum spend allows damage up to 6 Wounds in total.

(Regarding the “inofficial” status of this FAQ: it is by Benn Greybeaton, a Modiphius author who worked on the Book of Skelos. So it might be an official clarification / errata after all.)

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Thanks Frank! Good to see you still kicking around!

I did not see it on the FAQ posted here, unless I missed it.

I lost all the old files and FAQs I had from back in the Google+ days. Pitty… I had all those posts archived too.

@JollyGM Here is the Sorcery FAQ by Benn Greybeaton from the old Google+ group where I found the quote above: