Day dreaming about magic and a galactic setting

I just stumbled on Fallout and Conan RPG (which I found both excellent, with a few extra good idea compared to my previous favorite RPG: BRP), at the same time I was kind of stuck on trying to find an interesting homebrew scifi adventure setting while also watching some Marvel Guardian of the galaxy.
Suddenly it struck me that the Marvel universe bring the amount of make believe to me, for an adventurer type of character to exists in a scifi universe.
Me think to have Mythras/Classic-Fantasy inspired magic system as well.

2 questions yet remain though.

  • Spaceship. This ought to be expensive though, at least as much as a big luxury house, talking 1 (or more) million(s) dollar kind of deal, minimum. How the heck a poor adventurer got one hey?
    And they are certainly not poor anymore if they got one, can totally afford the best personal armor and weapon (selling spaceship part if needed)

  • Magic. Well this is really up to me… But I was wondering… trying to inject some verisimilitude. One on hand perhaps magic only work in some places (basically some specific planet, or everywhere if one has an artefact like an infinite stone)(otherwise advanced society throughout the galaxy will obviously all practice magic). But on the other hand I might want some galactic wizard, and not have them drop some such artefact… mm… conundrum…

Got some Ideas…

Perhaps Magic work better on some planets… adding 1 or 2 difficulty level if the place is not a magic rich place, making it a difficult proposition…

Mmm… 1 million dollar on a loan is approachable to a lot more people… And interests could be a ■■■■■! :stuck_out_tongue:

In the good old Traveller RPG, spaceships are VERY expensive. So usually the PCs have a HUGE debt on their ship, have to take odd jobs to pay off their regular rates, set aside money for maintenance and the actual cost of operations.
That keeps the PCs on the move and in constant need for work - and thus makes for good adventuring.

PCs who are so rich, that they can easily afford a spaceship, those don’t need any kind of adventure anymore. They actually don’t need a spaceship, unless it is a yacht (compare that to the real world yachts and their owners - what do they do for a living, if anything at all?).

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Or like Psionics in Babylon 5: in space, especially in hyperspace it is actually easier to use Psionics, but at a highly increased Complication range. So you might succeed, but there are quite a few strings attached.

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Magic and Space: Stop Conan start playing Dune.
Darkover series - Wikipedia You may like it or not, you can be bored at some point but worth trying (not for kids, be careful)

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gotta check it out, both maybe :slight_smile:

and thanks yall other, all interesting answers…