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Damage to players and defeat

Probably a dumb question that is explained in the rules, but what happens when players are hit by enemies? How many hits can they take before they are defeated?

In addition, there is a comment on asset quality - for the sample starting characters for the QuickStart, are the assets all level 0?

Conflict is lethal in Dune, one hit and you are defeated. This is why most of a conflict is about moving assets into position to strike.
But there are a few options for characters to ‘resist defeat’ so it’s not too easy.

Any asset without a quality rating can be assumed to be quality 0.

@Andy-Modiphius So, say, in a conflict with a group of water bandits:
Player 1 hits and defeats one of the bandits. He doesn’t have enough momentum to pass the initiative.
Water bandit 2 attacks player 2. Gm pays 3 threat to add two more dice, and the bandit hits and makes four successes. Player 2 is defeated.
Is that the case unless player 2 resists defeat?

Let me take a run at this based on my understanding of the rules…

In this case the Water Bandit would do two points of damage for the successful attack and potentially more if the asset he/she was using is more than a “0”. Assuming Player 1 is using a major PC character, this is an extended challenge that requires damage equal to his battle skill to be defeated. Correct?

Also, curious myself what happens to Player 1 if defeated? In the case of a knife fight is death the outcome (assuming no ability to avoid a permanent defeat)?

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@Jallain that was how I read it as well, but @Andy-Modiphius seems to say you’re just defeated.
It’s odd, because why then don’t characters have a stress level like trek, if that’s effectively what is happening whenever an enemy attacks a player.

@Jallain has it correct - defeat depends on the character type, whether PC or Notable/Major/Minor NPC. Refer to pg. 167, Successful Attack Outcomes.

Minor NPCs are essentially minions and PCs or Notable/Major NPCs are extended tasks to defeat.

What defeat means is up to the players and referee. There are guidelines for what defeat can mean in each of the conflict type descriptions. Very generally it means that the PC/NPC can no longer take part in the scene.

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The difference here is the importance of the NPC.
The water bandits are just minor NPCs so they go down on one hit.
PCs and notable NPCs have to be taken down a little harder using the extended track.
Defeat does just mean out of the fight or just ‘you lose’ as it might apply to resisting a blackmail attempt as much as a fight.