Core Equipment Grades?

When selecting starting core equipment there doesn’t seem to be grades listed for anything. I’m assuming 1 Grade = 5xp?

My understanding of it is this: a core equipment is a talent all unto itself (p27). So, just like you can have a grade 2 talent, you can similarly have a grade 2 core equipment. The cost in XP for each equipment is listed under each equipment. For instance, a torch would be a grade 2 core equipment, since it costs 10 xp (p76).

Right but starting core equipment is 1 Grade and it says that there are grades listed with the equipment but there are not. So just clarifying that 5xp = 1 grade for starting gear

Yes, starting core equipment is 1, but on page 27, it also states, “Additional pieces of core equipment can be purchased during character generation…” I assume they are bought with the 5 talent grades that every player character starts with. (p26)

I think the confusing statement is this:

“All core equipment has a rank which indicates the cost in talent grades to possess the item.” (P27)

Notice that it says “rank” and not “grade”.

But yes, the cost is listed as XP and not talent grades required. So I guess the only way to make sense of this would be to divide the XP listed for each equipment by 5 to get the necessary number of talent grades required.