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"Constellation of Alarion"?

I just picked up the Fallout bundle from HumbleBundle, and in the RPG Expansion book zip file there is a pdf titled “Constellation of Alarion Cover”. Is that intended to be there? Was there an ad for this sci fi book in the original print version of the expansion book?

Think that’s just a rogue entry. Wonder how it crept into the files.

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I suppose I may as well list the files in the zip, just in case (this is the “RPG Expansion Book” zip in the bundle, as far as I can tell everything else (pdfs and zips) is as it should be):

  • The aforementioned rogue book cover
  • RPG errata dated 2019-06-12
  • RPG Expansion 1.1 (regular and printer friendly)
  • Character play mats (regular and printer friendly)
  • A zip folder containing form fillable play mats (regular and printer friendly)
  • Archetype cards

That is a rogue entry, it’s the cover of my new sci-fi short story collection, yikes, sorry don’t know how that crept in there. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the preview! :slight_smile: JH

Unconscious stealth marketing! :slight_smile:

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