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Conan for Fantasy Grounds

Hello form Spain, yesterday we played our first session using the fantasy grounds Ruleset.

We really enjoyed it.


if you have it, could someone plese make a “this is how you use it / what it looks like” video? story, notes, foes (are there included tokens?), battle, is there music, etc.

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I’m not sure if this is the correct place to ask questions concerning the Conan ruleset for FG, but I can’t find a seperate thread for it on the FG forums. My question is, how can you record Vigor/Resolve and Wound/Trauma loss on the combat tracker? I can’t seem to find a way to do it.

@statik367 @Sunspoticus @OmegaCrits

3 questions for you.

Has any more thought been put into the combat tracker yet?
IE: For handling MOBs and Squads?
If so, when do you expect it to be ready for update?

Again with the combat tracker. Can you consider removing initiative order numbers, and replace it with a completed action toggle or icon. We all know that this game does not have an initiative order. But is decided by the players, and the GM if he uses Doom. So, when a player or NPC acts, the GM just needs to check the button and it moves automatically to the bottom of the list.

Can you consider adding in a Momentum counter for players, much like the group momentum counter. If a player or NPC makes a success and gains momentum, the momentum is added to the counter, when the NPC or player uses the momentum generated, he can just click it as he spends it… when at the end of the the players turn and the GM selects the next actor, The remainder of the pool is then added the to the group momentum to its max of 6. This was a feature on several of the fan based extensions that are out there. And it was highly used and requested by the players during the time before this official ruleset.


I got the Fantasy Ground Conan map tile sets a few hours ago and these are some quick comments.
The Fanatsy Ground Conan Map Tiles have the Monolith board game removed. In some cases are stitched together of multiple tiles and are salcd down for FG. You can’t can connect the tties yourself if you wanted them iinked a certain way.
If you have the roll20 or tthe PDFs that ypu can get the tile images it is preferable to just make your maps with those in an image editor and scale it down for FG use as the roll20 and PDF map sizes are too big. The roll20 jpegs are also cheaper to get than the FG version.

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Sorry for the delay in response, but we are actively working on the combat tracker right now, and hope to have an update to it as soon as possible.

I can’t speak to the price, but the maps themselves. Would you rather the maps not be stitched together to be made into one?

Cheers, looking forward to it! If I can make a suggestion: currently. The combat tracker has a prime spot for initiative order. As I’m sure you must be well aware, initiative is not really important in 2d20 Conan, so one thing to do might be to swap that out for Vigor/Resolve & Wound/Trauma tracker. :slightly_smiling_face:

Some of the maps ought to be stitched together the large and small ship (The use some of the same ties) for example and the arena. Some others are best left not stitched together. I do like that the Monolith board game markings were removed.

Also ought of curiosity how much did you reduce the tiles down size wise for Fantasy Grounds. I have a bunch of maps that were done for the Monolith game that I downloaded from the Monolith forum and want to scale them down to the same amount that was done for the tile set.