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Conan for Fantasy Grounds

Its a wrap! Release 1 development is complete!

… will be showing the final form to Modiphius and then getting it over to Smiteworks for testing/staging.


Fantastic! :crazy_face:
I see not much improvements on the icons, as the feedback was in the other thread, but would it be possible to show more screenshots? I am super excited for this and I am waiting it to launch the next season of my Conan campaign.

You are definitely not helping me to advertise this ruleset to the groups I play with…

However unlikely though it may sound, there may be other things going on in the world that is taking precedence over posting more pictures on the internet. Maybe some more patience at this current time may be in order?



Any updates that can be shared for a release date? My group is wrapping up the D&D campaign we were running so we can dive into something new and of course this is what we’re hoping for…

The Ruleset has been completed and passed onto Smiteworks for final tests. Don’t know release date as of yet. If you would like to see more screenshots go to our website.

Would it be possible to let us know what kind of automation has been put into the ruleset, especially during combat phases?

The color theme used on the PC/NPC sheets is quite unexpected… The Modiphius visuals are more pastel-like and neutral. :slight_smile: