Caracther Creating for AC module of Call of Cthulhu 6th edtion

Hello ! I am confused with the process of creating investigators. If a player chooses to have a civilian occupation, he will have the occupation points as well as his interest points for skills outside of his occupation. Actung Cthulhu says that

"Unlike the career soldier, a civilian who joins the army has
He has been training in his civil profession for many years
and, due to the pressures of training men and sending them
to the front lines, the military cannot devote its resources to
provide such detailed teaching. To represent this limited
training, the civilian investigator receives an occupation number
skill points equal to his INT characteristic that he can
spend on the skills of your chosen military occupation.
For example: Kelsey Pilanksy, former NYPD
outraged by the Nazi invasion of his beloved Poland, has joined
the United States Army Air Force. He was always a smart cop,
with an INT of 14, so when you have completed your basic training
he receives 14 skill advance rolls of +1D6 to spend on his army
occupational skills’’

Seems like the civilian Investigator ends up with more skill points to spend than a military Investigator, isn’t that unbalanced? the Civilian will have the occupation, interest and INT advance rolls for buying skills while the military investigator and covert occupation will have less points to assign to theirs skills.

i dont understand the procces…and if you try to run it for 7th edition of CoC you will have to Roll 40 d6 for the advance skills…

It probably represents the fact new recruits are usually baby-faced young persons straight out of school, while Conscripts are older people who have had other Occupations before they got their call up papers.

Basically you are either creating a character who is literally joining the Army/Navy/Air Force at sixteen, or someone who has had some life-experience and is somewhat older, with the extra experience that entails.

Basically, it’s similar to the rules in CoC for older characters - but these have changed Occupation and are having six weeks of intensive training.

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