Captain’s Log RP Canon and Verse Mechanics Questions Plot Idea

I’ve had a great idea with my writing partners, and just want to ask where to double check the canon lore and mechanics in the verse before we proceed with it.

My character is a Vice Admiral, with a flagship of her own (has a spore drive) and a small fleet. We know timeline jumps are usually the cause of ion storms and transporter malfunctions (per canon) and that other timelines may be reached with the spore drive (per canon).

The idea was they’d hit an ion storm as is in space or during a spore jump, and somehow they’d end up with an extra person onboard the ship who is from the past. (Still trying to sort out how exactly that could/might happen).

They’d have to detain the boarder and keep them secure until they could drop them back off in their proper timeline/time. Would get sticky with the Prime Directive as they can’t interfere with prewarp societies, which this boarder would be from.

So far I’ve got the Captain’s Log, Command Division, Shipyards, and Alpha Quadrant books - just not sure where I should be looking to sort out the questions I’ve got regarding canon and mechanics in verse (I love keeping logic in my writing).

Thank you :mushroom: :vulcan_salute:t2:

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Maybe sit down with the Time Displacement episodes from each series?
The City on the Edge of Forever, Tomorrow is Yesterday, All Our Yesterdays, from the TOS era has those moral and philosophical challenges.

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