Build me a swordsmaster

I’m halfway through reading the rulebook and am disappointed to find that a swordsmaster of Ginaz hasn’t any unique talents.

What talents would you use if creating a swordsmaster of Ginaz?

We will be coming back to Ginaz, they are somewhat advanced.
Anyone can train to be a house swordmaster, but the swordmasters trained on Ginaz are really special.

They are tricky characters as either they come back to the campaign after a several years break, able to defeat Fremen warriors without breaking a sweat.
Or they don’t come back at all. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to whatever you publish but I feel not having something in the base rules abit of an oversight.

“Build me a swordmaster” sounds like a good title for a Tleilax-centered adventure…

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As I mentioned, not an oversight at all but a specific choice. Ginaz Swordmasters are too powerful and awkward at this stage to add. You can still play a swordmaster, someone exceptionally skilled with a blade, just not a Ginaz trained one - yet.

We will be offering a later supplement focusing on exceptional ‘high level’ characters later on that will include them (and possibly Reverend Mothers, Face Dancers, maybe even Navigators depending on what we’re allowed).