Aurelians and Caitians

My apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere. I was looking through my copy of the Alpha Quadrant sourcebook the other day and noticed both Aurelians and Caitians get the exact same attribute bonuses. Does anyone know if this was intentional?


I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but when every species has +1 to three of six scores, there’s only so many possibilities. I really wish there were a few official species with a +2 to one score and +1 to a second rather than +1 to three scores as I feel it would fit some species better and would create more variety.

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There are 120 combinations. But if you take the description of the species into account than most combinations are unsuitable. And that’s the reason for different species having the same modifiers.

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Or 20 combinations?

Because sequence doesn’t matter for attribute mods, and doubling up isn’t allowed, there are 20 permutations allowed:
123 134 145 156
124 135 146
125 136
234 245 256
235 246
345 356