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An Idea About Values

I’ve had this idea for a while now. To have players choose an archetypal role for their first Value. The thinking that it would help with role-play. They’d choose one of these…

1.The Lover - The romantic lead who’s guided by the heart.

  1. The Hero - The protagonist who rises to meet a challenge and saves the day.

  2. The Magician - A powerful figure who has harnessed the ways of the universe to achieve key goals.

4.The Outlaw - The rebel who won’t abide by society’s demands.

5.The Explorer - A character naturally driven to push the boundaries of the status quo and explore the unknown.

  1. The Sage - A wise figure with knowledge for those who inquire. The mother figure or mentor is often based on this archetype.

7.The Innocent - A morally pure character, often a child, whose only intentions are good.

8.The Creator - A motivated visionary who creates art or structures during the narrative.

9.The Ruler - A character with legal or emotional power over others.

10.The Caregiver A character who continually supports others and makes sacrifices on their behalf.

11.The Everyman - A relatable character who feels recognizable from daily life.

12.The Jester - A funny character or trickster who provides comic relief, but may also speak important truths.

Additionally, I’m considering creating unique talents that go along with each archetype so player can be a bit of individualization.

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  1. Riker is my Model
  2. Kirk is my Model
  3. Scotty is my Model
    And so on to keep the mood
    You gain access to talents in their character sheet
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